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26th October 2022

We had a large number of late declarations before the match and on match day. There were far more than ever before. These declarations cause a lot of extra work and those on the day distract us from running the event and producing the results. The late declarations also seem to have a larger than average number with errors or missing data that take extra time to resolve afterwards.

Accordingly, we have decided to change our procedures, so please take careful note of the timings below and make sure your athletes, their parents and their coaches are aware of them.

The cut off for declarations for Newbold Revell (match 2) with names on (front or back) is Saturday 5th November. They should be done by sending Ray Morgan (ray.morgan1@btinternet.com) the Excel file you used for the first match but put on new declarations only - not those you have already declared. If you have a vest number that is no longer required, then you can recycle it for another athlete provided you give us the new athlete's details and you change the printing on the number yourselves. Declarations must include a date of birth and (if U13 or older) an EA number otherwise they will not be accepted. If the EA number is not "current", then the club must renew it before race day.

After then you can still make declarations up to Wednesday 9th November however these will be given numbers without names printed on them. There will be a charge of 5 per athlete for these declarations. Again, you can recycle a number but there will still be a charge. The same rules regarding dates of birth and EA numbers still apply.

After Wednesday 9th November, including race day, we will not accept any declarations at all. Nor will we allow any numbers to be reassigned to a new athlete. You may be faced with tearful athletes and anxious parents who have turned up without notice but we will apply this rule rigidly and will be unable to accept this under any circumstances.

If an athlete who has been properly declared and given a vest number has lost or forgotten it then we will still give him/her a replacement but there will be a charge of 2.

Thank you in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Many thanks,